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Retirement Planning

What will your retirement look like? Will you work until you can collect Social Security then head for the golf course, or will you retire early to travel the world? Sequoia Financial Planning can help you plan your dream retirement at any phase of your life.


In the early years of adulthood, retirement planning starts with accumulation. Our staff of advisors can help you with your options:

  • Employer savings plans like 401-K, 403(b), or 457(b)
  • Self-employed savings plans like IRAs
  • Investments like stocks, bonds or mutual funds


Fifteen years prior to retirement, or age 50, is the pre-retiree planning phase. Our advisors can help with scenario planning to assess your retirement gaps, measure your readiness for retirement, and make adjustments as necessary.


Now is the time to talk about how to enjoy your retirement years. Our advisors will stay with you every step of the way to measure how well your financial plan is working. Whatever dream you have for the next phase of your life, Sequoia Financial Planning is here to help you prepare at every phase, from accumulation to pre-retiree, then to retiree and beyond. Our certified financial planners can work with you to design a retirement plan to take you from dream to reality.

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