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Investment Planning

When starting your investment planning, there are several factors to consider. Sequoia Financial Planning can help walk you through your options and guide you to the best strategy for you.


First, you’ll need to consider what your investment goals are. Understanding what you want to achieve will help us guide you to the right plan for you.

  • Safety
  • Income
  • Growth


What amount do you have for investing? Do you have a lump sum set aside that you want to grow, or do you have a monthly sum to invest? Setting up a budget allows you to see what your expenses are and ensures that you pay yourself first.

Risk Tolerance

Next, you’ll need to determine what you are willing to lose to get higher returns. Our experienced investment advisors can show you how to measure your tolerance for risk and help you choose the right mix of investments with the least amount of risk to get the returns you need.


Finally, we have our game plan in place, and it is time for our advisors to help you to invest your money. Whether you have funds set aside or a monthly contribution, our advisors at Sequoia Financial Planning are here to help you pursue your financial goals.

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