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Insurance Planning

As your life changes, so do your financial obligations. At Sequoia Financial Planning, our insurance team can represent you to multiple life insurance companies to get you the best rate for the amount of coverage you need to ensure your family’s financial security.


Marriage is typically the first life-altering event that should prompt a review of your insurance plan. Some of the reasons this is a good time to prepare for an unexpected loss are:

  • Policies are more affordable
  • It is an important pillar in your financial plan
  • More time to accumulate cash value


Insurance planning is critical when you decide to expand your family. If something unforeseen happens, it is important to know that your children will have the security you would provide otherwise and to have the funds for college.

Home Purchase

When the unexpected happens, make sure that your home is covered. Natural disasters take their toll on houses and businesses every day. Make sure you have the coverage you need to replace your home in case the worst happens.


Make sure your carefully accumulated retirement savings aren’t depleted by an illness or disability requiring long-term care. Our team at Sequoia Financial Planning are your medical and financial underwriting advocates for the best insurance plan for you.

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